WWE star Rey Mysterio breaks silence on ‘dating’ Jennifer Aniston

WWE legend Rey Mysterio has answered the rumous about dating Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, conceding ‘he love’ the American entertainer.

The double cross World Heavyweight Champion uncovered reality with regards to his relationship with Aniston, who rose to global notoriety for her job as Rachel Green in hit sitcom Companions, saying “she honestly loved mine.”

There were bits of gossip that Aniston and Mysterio had a relationship with each other back in the last part of the 1990s. Be that as it may, the grappler rubbished the cases while addressing Logan Paul.

Mysterio said something regarding statements from a meeting in Public Enquirer from 1997, reviling the cases and uncovering how long the pair were truly together in discussion with Paul.

The grappler, who never takes his cover off with the exception of a short period in WCW, was claimed to have said: “She’s been to four of my matches and we’ve become old buddies. She let me know she adores my wrestling. I generally wear my veil — Consistently!! It’s a major practice in Mexico, my local country. In any case, I broke custom when I met Jennifer. I really let her see me without my cover behind the stage.

He was cited: “I’ve never done that for any of my fans. She truly received a kick in return. We talked for quite a while and traded home telephone numbers.”

However, he was as of late addressed in an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive webcast, where reality behind the relationship was at last uncovered, as per LADBible.

Mysterio’s apparently created statements were tended to by the man himself in his self-portrayal. At the point when asked how long he and Aniston had really been dating, the Imperial Thunder victor answered as saying “about seven days”, adding he told his better half at the time who found it very “amusing”.

Writing in his self-portrayal, Behind the Veil, Rey expressed: “I even showed the story to my better half — best coming from me, no? “

“The storage space got on me for it. I’m fortunate Photoshopped pictures of me and Jennifer didn’t show up on TV some place.”

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