Priyanka Chopra’s graceful answer to tricky Miss World question wins hearts

Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood entertainer and worldwide symbol, is known for her tastefulness and balance. Nonetheless, it was during her experience as Miss World in 2000 that she genuinely displayed her elegance under tension.

During the Miss World event, Chopra was posed an interesting inquiry about how she would utilize her leverage as Miss World to advance harmony and generosity. Without thinking twice, Chopra gave an insightful and smooth reaction.

“I would take advantage of my leverage to unite individuals from various nations and societies to advance harmony and understanding,” she said. “I accept that through training and exchange, we can separate obstructions and fabricate extensions of understanding.”

Chopra’s reaction procured her booming commendation from the crowd, and she proceeded to bring home the sought after Miss Big showdown.

From that point forward, Chopra has kept on being a motivation to many, utilizing her foundation to advance causes like training and orientation fairness. She has likewise turned into an effective entertainer, influencing both Bollywood and Hollywood.

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