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Markaz App Shop Wholesale, Earn Money & Withdraw Cash Through Easypaisa

Markaz Resell is an application created in Pakistan that allows you to purchase thousands of top quality goods at wholesale prices, or offer them to others at home, and earn money online.

Markaz promises you that we buy only the finest quality products at wholesale prices, allowing customers to shop online at the most affordable price for the least cost and then sell products on the internet and earn as much as 25 000 dollars per month.

Through Markaz you can launch an online selling enterprise without spending a penny. All you need is a smartphone to connect to Markaz to begin your reselling venture and earn cash online while sitting at home.

Purchase for yourself, purchase for others or sell to other people to earn cash. Markaz will guarantee:

1.) Top quality products

2.) Wholesale prices that are the cheapest

3.) The highest earnings and profit In the shortest amount of time feasible.

4.) Rapid shipping from any place in Pakistan

5) Guaranteed money back and guarantees

How do make money on the internet using Markaz?

Get your Markaz App : Install the app and launch your own business at no cost. Enter your telephone number, as well as the name of your company to start using the application.

Find top-quality clothes and trendy items Explore our selection of clothing and accessories that have been selected by our team experts to assist you and your customers.

Be sure to share the items you love most:

Check out products that your customers or your friends on social media sites might appreciate. You can post these items via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or display them in person. You can also make orders through platforms like Daraz.

Order and Earn:

If your clients are interested in something, you can place an order with their addresses. The goods are delivered via Courier anywhere in Pakistan as well. Markaz will make payment via COD (Cash at the time of delivery). Markaz allows you to earn cash by determining the profit margin per item sold. You can sell your items quickly and make 30% profit.

Earn money, up to 25 thousand on top of your earnings . Sell the selected profit from these wholesale items and meet your goals to make extra money.

What are the benefits to sell your products through Markaz?

A secure application for every kinds of resellers, including housewives, women entrepreneurs, college students, men working and business owners. Beauty therapy practitioners, boutique owners and even designers. Anyone looking to establish an online company from home can join us as an online reseller at no cost. Cost of investment.

The lowest prices result in the most profit. Our products come directly from the most reliable wholesalers in Pakistan.

We carry the best high-end products and products that resellers can provide to boost their profits and expand their businesses rapidly without a lot of expense.

We provide top quality products with a money-back guarantee. We have a team of experts in the field of quality. Our quality assurance staff checks every item before it is declared to make sure that you don’t have issues with the product’s quality. the product.

Fast payments:

We will pay you your earnings within 24 hours of receipt. It is not possible to keep your profits for longer than one week. AAP Trust Hamaray Liyay Ammanat hai.

Rapid delivery/delivery:

We handle your shipping and deliveries to ensure that you don’t need to handle any problems. We also provide step-by-step updates to ensure you don’t have to worry about the status of your product. We also keep your customers informed. Trax, Leopards and Postex are our delivery partners.

Cash on delivery:

To build trust between both your client and you we offer the most efficient and timely cash-on-delivery service. We can deliver the product on your behalf at absolutely no cost until the client is able to pay for it, and then transfer the money directly to your wallet or bank account.

Money-back guarantee and return policy:

Our wholesalers and our staff are committed to providing quality products. If your client isn’t satisfied with the product, or if there’s any issue with the product’s performance or the item is damaged, let us know. We’ll take it back or let the customer return the item, and receive the money back, no hassle.

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