Look Out, Apple! Galaxy Watch Could Get Much Better Battery Life

Samsung has been working on a new technology that could potentially give their Galaxy smartwatches much better battery life, and it could be a serious threat to Apple’s dominance in the wearables market.

The technology is called self-emissive microLEDs, which could replace the current OLED displays used in Samsung’s smartwatches. MicroLEDs are much more efficient than OLEDs and can provide brighter and more vivid displays while using less power.

According to reports, Samsung has already developed a prototype of a smartwatch with a microLED display that can last for weeks on a single charge. This is a significant improvement over the current Galaxy watches, which typically last a day or two on a single charge.

If Samsung is successful in implementing microLED displays in their future Galaxy watches, they could have a significant advantage over Apple, whose Apple Watch typically lasts about a day on a single charge. Longer battery life is a critical factor for many consumers when considering a smartwatch purchase, and Samsung’s new technology could give them a significant edge in the market.

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