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How do you earn money with KingKong?

Users are charged for increasing your membership level. The greater the membership level is, the greater the amount of commission you receive when you finish your 18. tasks every day. you could also get an additional 200 percent of commission on tasks

Your balance will determine the amount you are able to accomplish at the membership level: you will only finish an an average amount of tasks throughout the day, therefore it is crucial to choose the most advanced level.

If your balance is above R1140 and you’re four levels above the threshold. You’re now at Level 4. Quest

Maintain a track of your balance and make sure that the amount is not decreased. You can earn money doing the same tasks each day. If your balance falls, the level will fall along with the daily commissions for work will decrease.

  • KingKong Balance is R300, which is equal to the daily earnings of LV1.
  • KingKong Balance is around Rs1800. 2LV = Rs272 per day earnings
  • KingKong account balance of 4500 rupees = LV3 earnings of R704/day.
  • KingKong balance is 1400 Rs. x LV4 = 1846 Rs. earnings
  • KingKong Balance equals Rs28500/LV5 = Rs4770/day earned
  • KingKong Balance is at Rs 84000 x LV6 = Rs14968/day earning
  • KingKong balance is the sum of Rs210000/LV7, which is Rs39690/day.
  • KingKong the balance is Rs540000/LV8 which equals Rs107892/day earnings

About King Kong

KING KONG LIMITED ( King Kong ) was established on July 14 on the 14th of July, 2014. United States and based in New York City, it has evolved into an acknowledged online-based company for commerce marketing in the past eight years. The company also has developed an expert online commerce demo trading project called King Kong in 2022. The company’s primary focus is helping online retailers grow their sales by using SEO. It also provides custom-designed advertising optimization channels and also support for channels and services and electronic commerce demonstration trading marketing. King Kong has reached close partnership with one of most renowned electronic commerce platforms in the world.

Companies like Amazon, Etsy and Tmall which help businesses improve the effectiveness of their online marketing channels and beat rivals in the ever-changing marketplace online.

King Kong’s business

We support customers registered on marketplaces online to boost brand recognition, boost the number of visitors to the platform, and then receive orders using multichannel marketing techniques, including SEO, as well as content marketing, custom marketing optimization services for different channels as well as E-commerce demo marketing for trading.

SEO, in addition to content marketing

We combine it with advanced techniques for optimizing off-site to get high-quality backlinks and increase the permissions of your domain. The SEO team will be aware of algorithmic changes and their effect on the SERPs’ rankings for your site and will modify the SEO strategy for your site in line with the changes.

Customized advertising optimization for your business

We utilize a range of proven methods for optimizing advertising to ensure that advertising that you put into it will significantly boost sales.

We assist brands in reaching to their customers through Amazon, Taobao, Etsy, Mercado Libre and other platforms to improve the recognition as well as recognition.

Support for Channels and Service

Our association with Amazon provides us with the chance to offer our customers with the top Amazon beta program prior to the time when they are able to enter the market. We directly connect our partners with Amazon DSP through self – service seats, which gives our customers more freedom and more possibilities.

What was the method by which King Kong become the world’s leader in expansion of its customer base?

King Kong has a highly experienced marketing team, which is responsible for the creation execution, management, and implementation of a variety of demo trading activities which are crucial for every brand. King Kong has created an order-based demo trading process that starts with your brand’s branding and the assessment of the word of mouth to serve the purpose of encouraging customers take part in the barrel-free demo trading, which results in the fastest growth of customer traffic for the brand, as well as attract new customers.

King Kong’s unrivaled source of data, creative channels strategy analysis and the latest technology are among the most effective sources for boosting the brand’s visibility. King Kong has more than 500 million users, as well as numerous brands that have which are co-branded by King Kong.

King Kong knows how to make use of every resource to reach the aim of enhancing brand recognition, which is the King Kong’s most effective method of establishing a massive customer base.

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