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The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Highly-Efficient * Flexible * Diverse * Stable * Secure

Various Token Types Supported

Continuously introducing and listing top qualitative digital currency from around the globe and providing users with a range of kinds of transactional services available for the majority of digital currencies.

User Experience

We offer 24/7 online customer service to provide quick and accessible support whenever needed.

High Liquidity

With an integrated Artificial Intelligence market maker that adheres to the highest standards established by Wall Street, our model analysis is based upon more than 250 market parameters, offering 24/7 customer support and high liquidity.

Secure And Stable

We operate a multinodular architecture that is in line with the specifications established in the IT security logical framework that comes from the Financial Industry, ensuring steady operation for our system. Front and back-end design, when combined together with the multi-node design and multimodular distributed deployment expands our capacity and provides better service to our clients.

Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Download and use Hotbit’s mobile app specially designed to your needs, and enjoy real-time transactions anywhere, anytime and get the most up-to-date market trends in your fingers.

Join communities on Hotbit.

Hotbit has already collected over 700,000 users registered across around 210 different countries as well as regions across the globe. Through focusing on the emerging markets of the world like the markets that are located in Russia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and Southeast Asian countries, Hotbit has gathered its users from Twitter, Telegram, VK and Facebook. Join the Hotbit community, chat and share your ideas and experiences with our knowledgeable users from around the globe and gain understanding of the latest trends of the cryptocurrency market.

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