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Cryptocurrency mining

Friends ! Earlier in the day, I told you in great detail about the money-making side.

So the one I am going to talk about today is cryptocurrency mining. You can easily earn thousands of lakhs of rupees by working on it

 Friends, what is mining?

Before you know it, you need to know what is cryptocurrency .

So you can search for a video on YouTube and find out about it. Once you are fully aware of it, you will be able to easily understand mining.

Mining is actually a cryptocurrency. In simple words, mining means printing money. Now you will think, how can we print money. No wonder if you are surprised. So today in this article full details are given about this, how you can earn lakhs by mining even sitting at home, In order to do mining, you need to have two things. One is electrical and the other is hardware device.

Now friends know Mining in detail.

From the word mining, you can guess what it means. There are natural sources on some lands from which we extract things by mining for free. Just like gold and diamonds are mined but there is a little difference between this mining and this mining. It is a digital resource. It is digital acid. Cryptocurrency We have many cryptocurrencies in the market. There are many such cryptocurrencies. Which are made new by mining.

Now why mining in cryptocurrency is necessary !

Our traditional currencies. Also called FR currency. For example, we give a hundred rupee note to a wheelbarrow owner to buy fruit. Apparently it is a piece of paper. But in return we are getting fruit. So it is not understood that it is available for free but on top of that there is a guarantee of Central Bank till and unless. This hundred rupee note has been made by following all the rules and requisitions regularly. Every country has its own currencies. They are also present in the form of coins. They are also in the form of digital currency. Nowadays, the entire banking system has been digitized. All their guarantees are given by the Central Bank. But the creative currency is a little different. The guarantee is not a bank, not a state, but a computer network. As nogic say. Money guarantee and transaction vaildation are all protected by the computer. There is a computer software through which the whole system is controlled. Mining is done in the same process.

 Now suppose how mining is done.

If you give a coin to someone, in return you take something from him or do some shopping. The transaction process between the seller and the buyer is the same network that helps. It is not a central bank, it is not a state, it is a network. This is processed as a reward. This is called mining.  That is, new coins are made through mining. They are created through the process of new coin mining. And those are the networks. There are computers, they are called minor. So that was all the information.

How can you mine while living in Pakistan?

You can understand mining or minor in another way, that is, printing money. As I told you above, how is money printed?  Any ordinary person can put a hundred rupee note on a printer and scan it. It is not possible at all. It is stamped with a regular bank seal. Money is printed by following all the rules and regulations. But in creative currency, it is not possible to scan it by placing it on a scanner.  Cryptocurrency is a secure currency. It is secured with cryptography. The computer has a network to solve the same cryptography puzzle. The so-called software is installed in the computer. You too can become a part of it by installing this software. can. You too can easily print money. This is a real and valid network. Yes, there are no hard and fast rules in your country to prevent this. So you can easily print money by installing this software. Now the regulation of cryptocurrency is also being done slowly in Pakistan. Now the government of regular kpk has announced to set up mining forms at the level of regular government. That is, crypto money will be printed there. If you want to make money through mining, it is very important that you have two things. You can use it to print money in a legal way.

Device or computer

You will need electrical to operate the device. Only then will you be able to operate your device or machine. So here it is, all the details of mining. I hope you have understood. Any website launched in the market becomes its mining website. There are many options given in it. You can also earn money by sending your link to someone. You can also invest and mining for free. That is, you do not need to do any work. Rather, your coins are mined by the references of others. You keep getting money. The rates of cryptocurrency go up and down. You have much more than that. Benefit can also be obtained. When its rates are falling, there can also be loss because these are events. They do not stay for a long time. To work on this, you need to be aware of digital currencies.

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