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About buxon site


Today I am going to tell you about the free color site, you guys can make money on this site, this site is made for unemployed boys and girls, you can make money on this year by watching ad It provides daily details,


if you also want to make some money, create your account on this site, after creating an account you start working on it, a lot of people who want to work, They are worried about unemployment, they can earn their income by working on this site, you will earn money for free on this site, there is no need to make any investment,



 Make money from add watching


You have to see more on this site, if you see an ad you will get zero point 0.7 Ruble, it makes a lot of money in Pakistan, this is a Russian site, you guys can earn a lot of money on it daily. , A lot of people have created an account on it, and are making money without investment, don’t delay, start now,


 Account creation


If you want to create an account on this side, to create an account you are given a form to fill out, in which you have to give full details, first you have to give your username , Then you have to enter the Gmail ID that already exists in your mobile, if you do not have Gmail you should create a new Gmail, if you use something like that Will not be able to use the benefits of this site if it does not exist in your account.


 What is new in this site


A lot of new things have been used in this site, like you have been given to people to see the ad, then you can increase these ads further, if you want to earn more, you can visit this site. You can also increase your ad above, for this you have to complete the survey given in this site, then you are added to see more,


 Referrel & Earning


The best way to make money is through referrals, if you invite your friends over it, the website will give you a link that you have to share with your friends. If a friend of yours creates an account from the link you provide, you benefit more than that. You should also invite your friends on top of it and create an account on top of it, so that you Make more money,


 Withdraw & payment


If you complete 100 points on top of S Ed, you can easily withdraw it, if you have a Perfect Money account, you can withdraw money on it, its You can also withdraw your money in bitcoin, your money is immediately transferred to your account,


 Using Buxon site


To use this site you must have internet in mobile, you can use this site if you have internet in mobile, you can use it in google or chrome ,

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